Module biuldings

We design, manufacture and install multi-purpose modular buildings and individual modules. We offer modules that can be used in industrial and commercial activities, as well as for personal use. The modules may be independent or combined with each other, thus expanding the space to the required size and the choice of appropriate layout of the premises. The standard module dimensions are: external - 2435x6050x2591 / 2800mm, inner - 2160x5780x2340 / 2500mm. Ordering module, you can customize the design to meet your requirements by choosing:

  • External finish,
  • Indoor interior,
  • Window size,
  • Thermal resistance,
  • And other relevant decisions.

  • We also offer non-standard size modules that can be used for construction of buildings.
    Reduced size modules (external dimensions 2000x4000x2400mm) commonly used as outdoor storage rooms in a private home or at the cottage, where there is not enough space inside the house to store bicycles, lawn mowers and other similar items. External finish of the module can be:

  • profiled plate,
  • wooden tables,
  • other relevant coating.

  • Oversized modules (external dimensions 4150x6400x2800mm) can be used as separate small area of residential houses or connected into larger buildings. By blocking modules we can build the right size and type buildings, such as:

  • individual residential houses,
  • multi-family houses,
  • hotels,
  • schools, kindergardens,
  • other purpose buildings.